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Whether or not you believe in the power of crystals, there is no denying the beauty and artistry of Sorenity Rocks. They brand themselves as Luxury Crystal Designs, but we found them at the Melrose Trading Post selling affordable one of a kind jewelry. Behind the designer stood a magnificent giant crystal costing over 1 million dollars. Her cliental range from lowly fashion shoppers to billionaires that use these crystals as fabulous accent pieces in their homes.

Lenise Soren is the brains behind these masterpieces. A stunning woman with a magnetic personality, she invited us to a crystal spa where she does healing treatments with the stones. She explained to us the importance in the restorative nature of crystals, what stones attract, and how to find the perfect stone. I instantly fell in love with a necklace made from melted bullet shells. The collection, all uniquely flawed and one of a kind, repurposes many metals and shell casings. Amethyst, turquoise, quarts crystal and fuchsite are just a few precious stones available. My partner and I both picked out a piece and bought them. Lenise then sensed we needed a little something extra and picked out a stone for each of us to take. Not only do you leave with unique hand crafted jewelry, but Lenises’ heart and story will change your mind on the power of crystals.

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