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Perry Me Away

Recently we have become enthralled by the rugged, ethereal, and LA based jewelry designer Perry Rhodes. Inspired by both elegance and chaos, his pieces seem as if they’ve been dug straight from ground and placed on the hand of an ancient Empress or Hollywood royalty.

His pieces stand-alone. The hero who carries the film. The bold moon against the black sky. They are statements. Stories. The kind of jewelry that starts conversations with strangers. Contemporary, yet they hold the history of a European cobblestone street or 16th century cathedral. Rhodes believes that “Each handmade piece is meant to provoke a sentimental longing for the past.” He succeeds in his mission, and then some.

Rhodes, it seems lives in an alternate Universe. Where beauty collides with the fierce rawness of nature. Where flaws are celebrated, 9-5’s are outlawed, and even death is beautiful. Nature, beautiful women, family and his creative endeavors are his muses’. A powerful artist that will continue to grow. Get your piece of his world before they have all been claimed, and celebrate flawless imperfection.

Buy yours at and follow his journey @perryrhodes on Instagram.

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