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Down On the Farm; Overalls
Yeehaw! Now this is one trend that this Kentucky native can get behind! Overalls are back, ya’ll and they are better then ever. You probably remember these puppies from back in 1996 when you use to take one strap off and accessorize with a velvet scrunchie. Luckily, the childhood throwback has been reinvented and now you could even mistake them for fashion forward.

We love when ‘laid-back’ is in, but be careful that your fashion statement goes
beyond the cow pasture. The classic distressed denim look should  fit loosely and be
coupled with a sexy sheer top. A loosely fit crop top is great as well. This keeps the
look light for summer. If your going for a vampy night out, try the head to toe leather
overalls and you’ll be sure to make heads turn. Pair with high pumps and a silk white
top, keeping all the focus on the pantsuit.

Shop , , and online for leather, shorts and skirt overalls all for under $125.

Go get your fearless farm girl on this summer!
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