The Luxe Mission is simple: we want your clothes to fit perfectly, because your customers deserve to find the perfect fit. We keep it simple for our clients because we understand that when it comes to designing clothes and getting the proper fit, your job is anything but simple.

The Luxe Agency was created in 2010 by a professional fit model with 6 years of Los Angeles experience. Built on long-term relationships with a variety of clothing companies, vendors, and manufacturers in the LA area, Luxe has developed a reputation for its commitment to creating beautifully crafted clothing.

Our core principle is to personally invest in every client. Our consistent performance and demonstration of premiere-level professionalism has allowed us to foster and sustain valued relationships with all of our clients, including: Forever 21, ABS, Michael Stars, Secret Charm, Jonathan Martin, Manhattan Beachwear, L.E.I., Velvet, Larry Hansel, Black Halo, James Perse, Patrons of Peace, Katie May Bridal and Nasty Gal.

The Luxe fit team consists of professional fit models with a unique know-how and industry savvy acquired only through a rich array of fitting experience. By striving to keep every Luxe model educated and well-versed in the industry—from knowing the business vernacular, fabric and pattern-making techniques, and latest trends—we’ve cultivated the sophistication and skills necessary to give your technical designers and pattern-makers an edge and help you achieve the greatest products possible.

At Luxe we aren’t just mannequins who move; we’re fitting aficionados. Every Luxe model brings her own on-trend sense of fashion, design community connections, and appreciation for attire that you simply won’t get with models at other agencies. Fitting with Luxe Models isn’t just a job, it’s an experience, and your fitting experience deserves to be perfect. It’s that simple.